Solo trip down to Chiloe, Day 2

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have an exciting weekend planned. Personally, I’m on the second day of my solo trip, and everything is going great. As you know from yesterday’s post, I arrived in Ancud on the main island of Chiloe last night and had a cozy night at my hostel before going to bed. Tonight, I am writing from a new town: Dalcahue, located further South. But before I tell you about this new place, let me begin with today’s itinerary!

After waking up this morning, I had a nice breakfast at  the hostel and watched the rain pouring outside the beautiful bay window. I’m pretty sure today, karma paid me back for complaining about Thursday’s drizzling, it hasn’t stopped for one second…

With this weather, the penguin watching definitely seemed off the table, so I decided that I would visit the town and its landmarks instead (thankfully, most were indoors!).  On my list were: the Ancud Regional museum, the Chilotan Churches museum, both the municipal market and fería, the little port and the old Spanish fort. Here are some photos of my morning stroll:

Outside the Regional museum.
The rainy, fishy-smelling port.
Inside the church museum.
A stall at the Feria Municipal

I thought the museums, despite both being quite small, were nice and interesting. The regional museum was about the history and culture of the Chiloe archipelago, while the Church museum taught me about the carpenting culture and the Jesuit missions on the island. After these, my walk to the port under the pouring rain brought out some lovelies photos, and I was pretty sure I saw some penguins on a little island outside the fort, so that made me really really happy.

Those birds on the right look like penguins, right?

Turns out I looked it up last night and chances are they were actually birds called “Rock Shags”, not penguins… But I only learnt that last night so it’s ok, I was happy for the day 🙂

In terms of the markets – they were the same product-wise, which was a little weird since they’re pretty much on the same block. I discovered the famous Chilotan garlic which is huge. I’m definitely going to buy some before I leave because I use garlic in almost everything I cook and this one seems really nice! I also saw a few of the many varieties of potatoes grown on the island (over a 100!).

Both these markets are also a nice place to grab a fresh fish lunch if that’s your thing, but personally, I don’t really eat fish and seafood, so I headed to the Club Social Baquedano, a lovely bar/café, for some onion soup and a beer, sat by the fire. I stayed about an hour there, watching my brave Timberlands dry (I could literally see the colour changing!) and trying to warm up. When I was finally ready to go, I stopped by the tourists’ office to get info on the buses to my next destination and popped by the hostel to pick up my stuff before heading off.

It took me about 1 and a half hour to get to Dalcahue, where I settled into Hostal Lanita for the next 2 nights.

There, I met the hostel owner, Anita, an very welcoming and mum-like host, who offered me tea and some warm bread with salami. She is quite a character and owns an incredible collection of wool for knitting (which she loves). We talked in her kitchen for about an hour before I went to my room and had a warm shower. She also gave me a heated mattress topper, which I now declare one of the best inventions in world!

Afterwards, I just chilled, read my book Historia Secreta de Chile 3, which I’ve been loving, made brazilian type bracelets with some cotton threads and watched Gilmore Girls!

Cost break down for the day:

  • Museo de las Iglesias de Chiloe: CLP 500
  • Raspberry Küchen from the market: CLP 800
  • Onion Soup and Pint of Beer: CLP 6600
  • Bus from Ancud to Dalcahue (1 change): CLP 1700

Total: CLP9600 – £11.15 – $14.65 (30/06/2018 conversion rates)

Impressions for the day:

  • Chiloe is very rainy and somehow, despite an average daily rainfall, it doesn’t seem to be prepared for it. Ancud literally became a river today!
  • Not to advertise too much but I want to thank my Timberland boots for keeping my feet safe and dry, despite me accidentally stepping in about every puddle more than 5 cm deep… You are amazing shoes!
  • I’m still very much enjoying my “solo” tripping and feeling like I am connecting with people more.

That was it for the day, sorry this post is late but it wasn’t raining today so I wanted to focus on exploring, knowing I would have time to finish this later!

What’s everyone been up to today? xx


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